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CHRISISM #44 - The Miracle Product

28 June 2017

The Miracle Product

According to the Collins English Dictionary, if you say that something is a miracle, you mean that it is “very surprising and unexpected”. I believe that Trauma Cover puts a bigger tick in these two boxes than any of the other personal protection products we have to offer our clients.

I distinctly remember my introduction to a new product called Trauma Cover back in the early 90s when I was a “man from the Pru”, and Prudential came to our office to show a promotional video for their new product called Trauma Cover. In this video, there was a lady in her 30s who had been diagnosed with cancer and had recovered, and she was looking straight into the camera and saying “If I had not had $50,000 Trauma Cover, then I would not have been able to have afforded to stay alive”. So my introduction to this new product was quite simply the difference between life and death – and for less than a cup of coffee a week! “Very surprising and unexpected”? I think so.

On August 17, 2014 there was an article in the Sunday Telegraph about a 32 year old woman for whom the difference between life and death was $80,000. That is how much the surgery to remove the aggressive tumour inside her head was going to cost. Without it, she was given between 6 months and 2 years to live. Her mother was quoted as saying: ” Because we haven’t got the money, we have to go on the public waiting list which is six months long. At the end of the day if you don’t have the money, you don’t get the operation. The rich would get it – this I can’t swallow”.

Where is the flaw in this statement? The fact is you don’t have to be rich to buy $80,000 worth of the Miracle Product in your 30s, so it’s not just the rich who would get the lifesaving surgery – it’s anyone who has $80,000 worth of Trauma Cover, which again costs no more than a glass of wine a week. “Very surprising and unexpected”? I think so.

Another quality of the Miracle Product that makes it unique in our personal protection product suite is that it is the only product that we can say is specifically targeted at any potential client sitting in front of us, irrespective of their age (see Chrisism#18) and that is literally from day one on this planet to age 70 (hence my PD Day presentation entitled “Trauma Cover – The Miracle Product from Cradle to Grave”). The reason for this is that the product covers such a wide range of medical conditions including kids’ ailments, adolescents’ potential injuries, younger adults’ illnesses (N.B. multiple sclerosis) and of course older adults’ medical conditions (The Big 4) that it genuinely evolves with the life insured as he/she gets older and makes it relevant and essential for everyone whatever their age. It’s just a question of knowing what the hot buttons are for each age group and then pressing them. “Very surprising and unexpected”? I think so.

If this “Chrisism” has opened some doors to a new and exciting conversation that you can have with all of your clients and if you would like to know what the hot buttons are for 5 different age groups as well as a whole lot more then you need to come along to my upcoming full day Risk Workshop in your nearest capital city. Places are limited and filling up fast, so click on the link below for all the date, venue, timing, costing and registration details.

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The Risk Workshop by Chris Unwin

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