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CHRISISM #61 - Don't Get Sucked Down the Blame Drain

06 March 2018

Don’t Get Sucked Down the Blame Drain


When something doesn’t go according to plan or even worse goes pear shaped, how many of us immediately look for someone or something else to blame other than ourselves?


I remember when I worked in a corporate environment, be it with the Bank of America for a blissfully brief twelve months or with any of the numerous brokerages and financial planning groups both in the UK and here in Australia over a 25 year period, there were always plenty of opportunities to get sucked down the blame drain.

If production targets were not being reached, timeframes were needing to be extended or promises to clients were not being kept, then there was always a long list of potential candidates that were responsible other than ourselves:-

  • "Underwriters just don’t want the business anymore"
  • "Compliance requirements are just too onerous these days"
  • "Education/documentation obligations don’t allow me enough time to write business"
  • "Paraplanning is taking too long to prepare SOAs"
  • "My assistant’s off sick"
  • "Must be the lousy weather!"

Ring any bells?!

However, when I jumped out of the corporate environment and started my own consultancy back in 2004 and continued my one-man specialist risk advice business, something became a lot clearer and a burden was lifted from my shoulders that, up to that point, had taken up an awful lot of negative time and effort – and that burden was that of apportionment of blame. The wasted time spent looking for other people/things to blame when things weren’t going right could now be applied to identifying where I had gone wrong and doing what was necessary to fix it, because I soon realised that, in a one-man business, the buck always stops with me!

So remember, when you are tempted to point the finger at other people when things go wrong, there will usually be three fingers pointing at the real source of the problem!

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