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One on One Coaching


Sometimes there is no substitute for one on one coaching. Group sessions on specific topics are obviously hugely beneficial, but of course the agenda for the content is predetermined. The major benefit of one on one coaching is that the adviser can set his/her own agenda, and can therefore tailor make the session according to his/her needs.

In the area of personal risk, most elements of the advice process are generic and would apply across any client base, but there will always be parts of any overall process that will need to be tailored to a particular client demographic, be it for reasons of occupation category, age group, income bracket etc. and one on one coaching enables these specific situations to be addressed on a targeted basis and in depth.

As people who have experienced one on one coaching will tell you, the benefits of having over 30 years experience in your chosen field at your disposal to help you in any way that you require for an extended period of time are second to none, and any investment in yourself and your business made by you in this way will have the potential of massive returns over a long period of time.

Remember that the amount that you invest even in a full day of one on one coaching will never be more than you will be able to recoup in revenue simply by taking on board one additional new client! It is crucial therefore that you view any cost incurred in this way as an investment rather than an expense.

To discuss how one on one coaching in the risk advice space can assist you please get in touch today.

Risk advice corporate coach Chris Unwin