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Adding Value to Your Risk Advice Process


As we approach a brave new dawn in the financial planning sector, phrases such as “quality of service”, “value proposition”, value of advice” and “fee for service” are uppermost in most financial planners’ minds, but more often than not the risk adviser is perceived as being a separate entity with its head in the sand continuing to knock out a stream of commission based transactions.

The time to change this perception has arrived for the professional risk adviser. The need for more appropriate levels of insurance on the part of our clients has never been greater, and therefore the opportunity for quality risk advisers has also never been greater.

In order to establish your points of differentiation and separate yourself from the pack as a quality risk adviser, I believe there are a number of specific steps that you should take during the initial advice process, most of which will have the effect of making business a natural consequence of your process, and some of which will have the added benefit of making referrals a natural consequence of the business.

The workshop will take you through 12 simple steps in chronological order through the initial risk advice process, half of which are during the initial client meeting (where the seeds are also sewn for referrals), another 4 steps take place between the first client meeting and the submission of business (at which point referrals are obtained), and the final 2 steps are during the underwriting process and at the “policy explanation” meeting (at which further referrals may be obtained).

The most important outcomes are that you, the adviser, become totally comfortable with the value proposition you are offering your clients in the risk advice space, and your clients enjoy a quality experience rather than experiencing a transaction.

Should this workshop be of interest to you or your firm, please get in touch with any questions or to make your booking.