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The Miracle Product From Cradle To Grave

Most advisers recognise that Trauma Cover should form a part of their clients’ personal protection package, but many are not sure exactly how to position it in conjunction with the more traditional and better known products such as Income Protection, TPD & Term Cover and therefore also struggle with a rationale for recommending a specific amount of Trauma Cover.

As a result, Trauma Cover, which I believe to be a jewel in the personal protection product crown, is a woefully undersold and therefore tragically unappreciated by the majority of clients.

Although Trauma Cover can and should be owned by all of our clients from the age of 1 to the age of 70/75, we need to recognise that there are different “HOT BUTTONS” that apply to different age groups i.e. these different age groups will be motivated to own Trauma Cover for different reasons.

When we as advisers understand these “HOT BUTTONS”, we will be in a much stronger position to press the appropriate button for the clients sitting in front of us.

  • WHY Trauma Cover is the jewel in the personal protection product crown.
  • What the Hot Buttons are for the different age groups and how to press them
  • Stepped vs Level Premiums
  • Stand alone Trauma Cover vs Trauma & Death Cover
  • Where TPD fits

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