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End To End Risk Advice Process


Most financial advisers have always recognized the importance of addressing a client’s insurance needs when formulating a financial plan. However, in the past, the same advisers have often paid lip service to such needs or referred the client elsewhere for this purpose. The reasons for this are varied, but the main reason in a lot of cases is that the adviser simply lacks a METHODOLOGY for giving appropriate advice in this area.

This workshop is specifically designed to empower advisers with such a methodology. It will provide a “12 Step Process for Clients’ Risk Management” that is easy to implement. It will add to the security of your clients as well as adding a sizeable income stream to your business.

  • The massive revenue opportunity that exists in personal risk advice
  • The 12 Step Process:
    1. Risk Management – Overall Fit
    2. Questions on the Fact Find Re. Protection Objectives
    3. Circle of Safety
    4. Determining Levels of Cover
    5. Research Analysis
    6. Preparing Recommendations
    7. Presentation of Circle of Safety Recommendations
    8. Finalising Details of Risk Package
    9. Complete Paperwork
    10. Completion of Business
    11. Policy Explanation Meeting
    12. Regular Reviews
  • Case Studies that demonstrate the practical application of the process in real client situations