Giving you the right track to run on

Best Interest Of Client - Differentiating Risk Advice Strategies


This session will outline the benefits of HIGH QUALITY risk advice - both for the adviser and the client. It will explore a number of specific strategies which will enable advisers to separate themselves from the pack and add real value to their clients and their own businesses, thereby putting a big tick in the box called "Best Interest Of Client".

As a result of this session, advisers will know how to:

1) Turn a grudge purchase into a fantastic opportunity- WANTS vs NEEDS

2) Protect their pre and post retiree clients from the biggest threat to their retirement nest egg - INTER GENERATIONAL ADVICE

3) Protect the value of their businesses and increase the value of their "book" simply by looking after their clients' best interests - STEPPED vs LEVEL PREMIUMS

4) Create a guaranteed new client pipeline by doing the right thing by their clients - CHILD TRAUMA COVER

5) Capture the virtually untapped 18-30 market with targeted risk advice - P PLATER PROTECTION

6) Lower the bar when overcoming the price barrier - % CONCEPT

The beneficial outcomes of each of these strategies will be detailed in the form of the 'double whammy' of FYCB (for your clients' benefit) and FYOB (for your own benefit).   

Should this workshop be of interest to you or your firm, please get in touch with any questions or to make your booking.