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Working More Effectively with Centres of Influence


Although it is my belief that recommendations from happy clients i.e. referrals is by far the most efficient way to expand your business, and indeed it has been my primary source of new business from the word go, I did spend a couple of years working with a group of financial planners who were nearly all accountants, and it seemed to me that a specialist risk adviser was perfectly positioned to be referred clients for personal risk advice, since most of the other planners did very little risk business themselves.

As a result of these 2 years, I learned a fair amount about the “do's and “don’ts" of working with accountants (most of which would apply to other forms of centres of influence). This session outlines very simply the lessons I learned and the key pointers to developing a fruitful referral relationship with accountants.

  • Why develop a referral relationship with an accountant?
  • How to motivate the accountant to refer clients for risk advice
  • Financial arrangements
  • Making it work

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