Giving you the right track to run on

Sales Success Strategies


This full day Workshop covers a wide range of generic sales/communication skills which are essential skills when dealing with people in any sales environment.

Before embarking upon the sales process itself, it is important that you have clearly identifiable goals and the right mental attitude. How to set goals and achieve a clear daily purpose, and understanding the importance of mindset lay the necessary foundations for the sales skills training that follows.

The workshop then walks you through the whole sales process step by step, as follows:-

  • Telephone Technique – The Golden Rules

    Even in this technological age that we live in, the large majority of prospecting appointments are still made over the phone, and it therefore remains crucial that you make sure you are doing all the things that you should be doing and avoiding doing all the things that you shouldn’t be doing in order to maximize your chances of making an appointment
  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Client Meetings

    This session will draw up a comprehensive list of golden rules for client meetings which maximize your chances of making a second appointment and/or concluding the business.

  • Building Blocks For Closing Business

    “Closing” is not something that happens at the end of a sales process – it is something that is happening from the moment that you meet a prospect for the first time. This session will outline the building blocks that need to be put in place right from the start in order for business to become a natural consequence of your sales process.

  • Handling Objections

    This session is designed to focus more on the psychology of objections and understanding what lies behind an objection – this enables you to preempt and therefore prevent objections arising in the first place.

  • Asking For & Getting Referrals
    This is arguably the most important session of all, since referrals are the lifeblood of your business. You will be taken through a very simple but structured 3 step system to getting referrals from your clients, and also some invaluable tips on how to maximize the conversion of referrals to clients.

  • Habits For Success

    Once you find yourself in an environment that gives you the opportunity to succeed, the rate at which you succeed will more often than not be down to how quickly you adopt certain habits that breed success. This final session gives you a checklist of such habits to take away and start adopting.

Should this workshop be of interest to you or your firm, please get in touch with any questions or to make your booking.