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Telephone Technique - The Golden Rules


Even in the technological age in which we live today, the fact remains that the large majority of prospecting appointments are still made over the phone, and if you fail to make that initial appointment, then business cannot result.

Therefore doing everything you possibly can to maximize your chances of making that initial appointment is an essential skill that needs to be mastered.

This session will itemize and explain a comprehensive list of golden rules that cannot be broken when speaking to people over the phone – not just when seeking to make an appointment, but in general phone conversation as well.

Once established, these rules can then act as a checklist when prospecting which can be referred to if you do not make the appointment, so that you can immediately identify what it was that you did on that call that you shouldn’t have done and/or what you didn’t do on that call that you should have done. By constant reference to your checklist, you will find that the rules become second nature sooner rather than later and you can throw the checklist away!

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